"What are Affordable Address Label's pricing? and do they have any hidden fees?"

Affordable Address Labels ironically enough are anything but affordable. For a roll of 300 labels, they charge $9.95. This is obviously not counting shipping cost. Compared to other companies, Affordable Address Label's pricing is about the most expensive. As to hidden fees, they don't really have any. They charge $1.95 for shipping (we see on the packaging they paid $0.87 for postage). But, every company charges more for shipping than what it actually costs. I assume this is why they call it a shipping AND Handling charge.

affordable address labels screenshot

What irks me more than Affordable Address Label's unacceptable pricing is their claim that they have "The Lowest Prices On The Internet!" To me, that is worse than a few hidden fees. I guess it is possible that they never looked at other companies pricing, but its not very likely. Take a look at the screenshot to the right:

Well, I do agree with the second part, it was easy to order.