"What is Current's pricing, and do they have any hidden fees?"

Current Labels, when compared to other companies, doesn't have the best pricing on address labels. But, on the other hand, they didn't really beef up the shipping price (like Return Address Labels Online, and Colorful Images).

They charge $6.95 for standard roll address labels, the kind I bought from them. But if you buy any of their specialty labels, it usually cost about a dollar more, unless you buy their "Premier Sheeted Address Labels," then it's two dollars more.

It all really depends on what you are looking for. If you want simple, black and white labels to stick on your income tax envelope, then don't buy from Current, you can get better deals elsewhere. But if you are planning a fancy, black tie dinner and need attractive labels for your invitations, then I highly recommend Current (Artistic Direct and Colorful Images too, they are all part of the same company).

They have a wide variety of specialty labels with all sorts of different designs. Their shipping cost was $2.99. Now paying for shipping and handling might not seem like a hidden fee, but in truth, it really is. You aren't going to find any company in the world that won't beef up the shipping price, even big companies like Wal-mart and Amazon.com have inflated Shipping prices.

The question now is, "How much is too much?" At my parents company, keepsakemagic.net, we ship return address labels at roughly $0.85 per envelope. I'm guessing it costs Current a little more, since they ship using boxes. Plus, they send a whole passel of ads with the order - which adds to the weight. Current does a good job at keeping costs down.