Printing Your Own Labels

Are you one of those people that need complete control over everything? Do you want to be able to control every aspect about your labels? From font and color to label size and paper quality, you are in control of every label printed from your printer. There's one drawback though; What if you don't know how to go about printing your own labels, and don't know where to start? Well that is the purpose of this article, to show you the proper steps into printing labels from your home computer. These are the same steps in which to print not only address labels, but also CD labels and other types of labels. So read below to get started!

First, you will need some blank address labels. I would suggest reading my review of Online Labels.
Here is how to use Microsoft Word to print your own return address labels.

To set up your return address in Word

  1. Choose Options from the Tools menu. Word displays the Options dialog box.

  2. Make sure the User Information tab is selected.

  3. In the Mailing address field of the dialog box, make sure your correct mailing address appears.

  4. Click on OK

To print your address labels

  1. Choose Envelopes and Labels from the Tools menu. Word displays the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.

  2. Make sure the Labels tab is selected.

  3. If you need to change the type of labels on which you are printing, click on the Options button and use the Labels Options dialog box to select the proper label stock.

  4. In the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, make sure the Use Return Address check box is selected.

  5. Your return address should appear in the Address area of the dialog box.

  6. Print your labels .

What if I don't have Microsoft Word?

Many label providers offer templates that you can use to create your own custom labels, a few are listed below.
Templates from World Labels