Address Labels Or Rubber Stamps
Which Is Better?

Label or Stamp?

So which is better? Although address labels seem cheaper (depending on the company selling them), and seem easier to use, when you compare the price to self-inking stamps by cost-per-impression, they are really more expensive (I have a chart on the next page to illustrate this more clearly). To replace the labels, you would have to buy another set, exactly the same price you paid before, but for the stamp, you only need to buy an extra ink pad.

If you are looking to save money, I would go with the stamp. You get more impressions for your dollar than you get with address labels.

But, if you want something fancy to put on your wedding reception invitations, there are a lot of colorful labels you can buy (although they can be expensive).

View the chart below to see the cost per impressions/labels. The more impressions/labels, the more money it costs you. The chart below shows how much.


Address Labels

Self-inking rubber stamp

Per 1000 impressions/labels

$13.80 (two sets of 500)


Per 2000 impressions/labels

$27.60 (four sets of 500)

$11.85 (stamp plus one replacement pad)

Per 3000 impressions/labels

$41.40 (six sets of 500)

$13.80 (stamp plus two replacement pads)

And so on and so forth. Remember, the chart above is based on the prices at my parent's company, and can vary depending on the company you do order from.

I think the self-inking stamps win.