My Experience
With Superior Labels

Superior Labels recently gave a new look to their website. The graphics and the color is pretty much the same, but it is now a lot easier to use.

Their site is now really easy to use. When I placed my order, though, it took me a while before I found exactly what I was looking for. But now, you will be able to place your order in a few clicks!

Superior Labels sells both sheet labels, and roll labels. Always stick with roll labels, and I'll show you why.

Superior Labels lowest offer is $1.00 for a set of sheet labels. Since that looked like what most people would buy, that's what I chose. I ordered the set of $1.00 sheet labels from Superior. They came with one sheet of 60 labels. The price of the labels is $1.00, the shipping charge is $2.95, giving us a grand total of $3.95.

This may look really good, but actually, the CPL (Cost Per Label) comes out to $0.13. Thirteen Cents per label.

Thats the highest CPL I've seen. So, lets stick with the roll labels.

Superior Label's roll labels come in sets of 300 to 600. Their price is $7.95, plus $2.95 shipping. This comes to a grand total of $10.90.

Now, you'll be paying more money, but the CPL is only $0.04. There is a big difference between the two.

The picture on the left shows the envelope I recieved, the contents are below.