My Experience With
Return Address Labels Online

I received my order from ReturnAddressLabelsOnline.Com. The labels are good quality, but they do have some drawbacks. First off, the labels are really small. Secondly, the quantity to price ratio is not good at all. If you want high quality customizable labels, then I refer you to this company. The nice thing about them is that when ordering, I have full control over font and letter size, not to mention left, center, right justifying. Another great thing about my experience with them is that, I received my order in only two-three days. In fact, my whole experience was satisfactory. But I do have some big issues with ReturnAddressLabelsOnline.Com.

Major Issues

The major issue I have with this company is their quantity to price ratio. I paid $4.95, PLUS a $7.71 shipping and handling fee for 150 labels. What really irks me is the fact that the shipping fee is close to TWO TIMES the product price! What they are doing is simply deceptive. They are saying that the product is a certain price, and then pouring more fees on to you. The labels came in a flat yellow envelope; it doesn't cost EIGHT Bucks to ship that! What's worse is when we do the math to find the cost per label. To do this, I take the product price ($4.95) add that to the shipping price ($7.71), then divide that by how many labels.

After the math is done, we find that we are paying close to Nine Cents per label. This is incredibly expensive for address labels. Even though the labels were nice, I will not do business with this company again, because I simply do not like anyone who is misleading. Again, even though I really liked the quality of the product, (to me) it was really expensive to buy

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