"How did the package look when you got it? I've heard that sometimes they're all beat up..."

It looked almost perfect except for it being a little wrinkled. The package wasn't torn or beat up at all. Affordable Address Labels uses something like a sealable plastic sleave to ship their products in. This is a smart move, since plastic is tougher than paper. There are accounts of envelopes and bundles/parcels being shredded by Post Office Sorting machines, but it looked like the "bad ones" didn't get to this package.

Below Are Some Pictures Of The Packaging

affordable address labels screenshot

"What all was there inside the box? When I buy address labels I often have to wade through a bunch of ads."

Surprisingly enough, the only things in the package were the order of address labels and a cardboard dispenser. No invoice (those are e-mailed) and certianly no ads; which is a surprise because most companies use every chance to pelt their customers with all sorts of differnent types of ads. But absolutely none in this package.

affordable address labels screenshot

"What did the product look like? And were you satisfied with it?"

Yes the labels seemed fine, there were no known defects. The quality of the labels is good too, not quite the best, but better than some. The only thing though is, for the cost, you can get better quality labels elsewhere.

affordable address labels screenshot

One thing I wasn't too happy about was the dispenser. Both Affordable Address Lables and Current Labels send you cardboard label dispensers for free with your order.

Both are somewhat difficult to put together, but Affordable's is more tricky than Currents. One reason could be is Current gives you good directions, both on the cardboard dispenser, and on a printed sheet. Affordable only gives you instructions that are printed on the bottom of the dispenser, and are a little tricky to decipher. I never got the dispenser to work right, but that is most likely my error, and didn't do something right.

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